Portfolio Nomen

"Nomen" is the name of this series and also the name of one of the several novices (aspiring monks) that are part of the story.

In 1470, the Portuguese King Afonso V, known as the "African", ordered the construction of the Convent of Varatojo. It could not have crossed his mind that six centuries later the novices of the former Portuguese colonies (Mozambique and East Timor) would set foot on the secular stones of the convent he founded.

Franciscan novices are young people who take vows of poverty and dedication towards the poor for a period of one to three years, after which they can choose whether, or not, to embrace the monastic life.

For a year, I felt the doubt within their mind, the doubt between a life of dedication to the underprivileged, in chastity and obedience to the order, or a life the same as the young people from the background they come from.